Learner 2 Driver - Price Guide

Our pricing structure at Learner2 Driver is very simple and is designed to offer you the best deal based on your budget and timescale.
Shown below are our standard hourly rates for the Liverpool area. For faster results an Intensive Course may suit your needs.
Prices listed below are subject to change and should be confirmed with Learner 2 Driver.

Standard Bookings
Lesson Type Hours Prices
Single Lesson 1hr £21
Single Lesson 1.5 hr £31
Double Lesson 2 hr £42
First 5 Lessons 5hrs £50
Block Bookings
Lesson Type Hours Prices
10 Hour Advance payment 10hrs £190
2 Hour Motorway - Post Test 2hrs £45
Intensive Driving Courses
Lesson Type Hours Prices
SilverTutition Course 32hrs £570
Gold Tutition Course 36hrs £630
Platinum Tutition Course 40hrs £710

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An intensive driving course is an alternate method to learning to drive in the traditional sense, namely, taking one or two lessons each week, spread over a given period. However, an intensive learn to drive course does not suit everyone, as the individual will need to retain and put into practice a great deal of information over a short period of time.

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